How do you count cards
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How Do You Count Cards? Learn The Basics Of Card Counting And Win Big

Blackjack is one of the most well-known and popular casino games in the world of gaming. In this game, you try to beat the dealer by getting as close as possible to 21 points’ worth of cards. The player is free to use the best available strategy, including blackjack surrender and splitting, while the dealer is required to always adhere to a straightforward set of betting rules. Contrary to popular belief, anyone can count cards in blackjack. All you need is enough practice. You don’t need to be a genius, and despite the name “counting cards,” you aren’t memorizing the cards that have been played.

How do you count cards in blackjack? Here, we will tell you more about this strategy and how to win at the casino using it.


First Things First: What Is Card Counting?


Before we answer the question, “How do you count cards?” let’s tell you what card counting is. In blackjack, card counting is a mathematical technique used to predict whether the dealer or player will likely benefit from the next hand. You attain this by keeping track of how many high and low cards are still in the dealer’s deck. Successful card counting increases your bet and improves your chances of winning big by knowing the odds are on your side. Remember, though, that learning card counting won’t teach you how to play blackjack dishonestly or how to consistently win. It’s just an additional set of abilities to your regular gameplay that will help you understand the deck’s contents better.

How do you count cards
How do you count cards

Why should I count cards? To win. With one straight forward, strategic game done right, you could strike gold. Blackjack card counting strategies can help you win a lot of money. Blackjack is a popular casino game all over the world because it’s entertaining and gives you a good chance of keeping your winnings. Particularly if you are experienced, when you can change the odds in your favor and increase your chances of big wins, it gets even better!

Why shouldn’t I count the cards? No laws at the federal or state levels that define card counting as a crime. Therefore, there isn’t anything illegal about this as long as you’re counting cards mentally and not with a gadget or app. Nonetheless, card counting is considered cheating. We firmly advise you to exercise caution if you plan to try card counting in a casino. Casinos will punish suspected card counters severely. The host may ask you to leave the table or even expel you. Be careful because your actions will always be closely watched. Even the most skilled card counters occasionally get caught.


How Do You Count Cards? Understanding How Card Counting Works


Keeping a running count is the key to the strategic method of blackjack card counting. Each card in the fundamental card counting system is given a zero, a positive, and a negative value. The Effect of Removal (EOR) of each card should be reflected in the point values that are given to them. EOR essentially measures the estimated impact of removing a specific card from the game on the house edge percentage.

The count is adjusted using the card’s counting value whenever a card of a specific value is dealt. As a result, low cards raise the proportion of high cards in the set of cards left. This raises the total number of cards as well. On the other hand, the high cards reduce the count for exactly the opposite reason. The Hi-Lo card counting system, for instance, deducts 1 from each dealt 10, Queen, King, Ace, and Jack. A 1 is added to any value between 2 and 6. The numbers 7 to 9 are given a value of 0. Therefore, they have no effect on the count.

The player can determine when to bet large and when to bet small by using the information he gains from counting cards. They are less likely to get a blackjack on the initial two cards. On the other hand, the dealer is more likely to bust if there are more low-numbered cards in the deck.


How Do You Count Cards in Blackjack? Using a Hi-Lo Counting Strategy


Players should follow these easy steps when using Hi-Lo blackjack card counting strategy.

How do you count cards
How do you count cards

Step 1: Allocate a value to each card.     

First, each card should be assigned a value according to the plus-minus count as follows:

  • Cards 2 to 6 have a +1 value.
  • Cards 7 to 9 have a neutral or 0 count.
  • Cards 10 to Ace have a -1 count.

Depending on the value of each card, you will either subtract 1, add 1, or do nothing as they are dealt.


Step 2: Begin the running tally.

The count begins at zero. As every card is dealt, players will increase the count by the card’s value. As an illustration, the count is +2 if the cards dealt are a King, Ace, King, 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. The face-down card of the dealer isn’t counted until it is flipped.


Step 3: Count per deck or calculate a “true count.”

The counting continues while dealing cards from the deck. On the basis of the count, wagering choices are made. Ideally, you should place a larger wager when the count is negative and a smaller wager when it is positive.

Follow the exact same steps to count cards in online blackjack. After the cards are dealt and shuffled, the players should begin counting. When the count is positive after a round and the majority of the undealt cards are high cards, the players must up their wager. When the situation is the opposite, lowering the bet is the best course of action.




How do you count cards in blackjack? The amount of time it takes to become an expert at card counting depends entirely on the person. It’s safe to say that you won’t be able to count cards right away and feel comfortable using the system. You may need significant card counting practice before you can finally apply it. The best way to gauge the amount of time it might take is to first consider how quickly and precisely you can perform math. Additionally, neither the traditional land-based casinos nor the online casinos have any reason for the dealers to count cards. Although technically possible, they choose not to do so because doing so would be ineffective. When you master blackjack card counting, you can take advantage of it whenever good fortune permits.

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